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EXPAND is a Proud Supporter of the Live Your Dream Foundation

We Provide Graphic Design • Marketing & Advertising Solutions • Consulting

EXPAND Business Solutions Graphic Design ServicesEXPAND Business Solutions Web Design ServicesEXPAND Business Solutions Marketing ServicesEXPAND Business Solutions Advertising ServicesEXPAND Business Solutions Consulting Services

– Yes, We Understand –

Operating a Successful Business Requires “Great Work”!
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That’s WHY We Provide ALL the Services We Do… (50+)

We Focus on Providing The Most Important Marketing Tools – ALL Designed for Your Success!

We Provide Powerful & Valuable Marketing Plans,

Graphic Design, Web Sites, Marketing, Advertising, Consulting
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Get the Attention of Your Shopping Target Market – Win Their Confidence – Gain & Retain Loyal Customers!

Do You Have a Marketing Plan?

The First Step: FREE Consultation

Let’s get together and see if we’re a good fit for your goals. This is the best first step. The time spent here is extremely productive, informative & acts as a springboard to the next steps. We believe the key to ending right is starting right.
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“In Business, if You’re Not EXPANDING – You’re Contracting!
There’s No Such Thing as Business in a Vacuum!”

Please Take 60 Seconds to Seriously Consider the Following:

Do You Have a Marketing Plan?

You Want a Strong & Thriving Business…

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EXPAND’s Solutions & Creativity are Designed to Do Just That for YOU!

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Every Project is Hugely Important to Us!

We Provide a Wide Range of Services:

EXPAND ManagingEXPAND ConsultingEXPAND Website DesignEXPAND Advertising ServicesEXPAND Business Branding ServicesEXPAND Printing ServicesEXPAND Marketing Plans & ServicesEXPAND ManagingEXPAND ManagingEXPAND Managing


“How’s it going with Ed?” “Great! I will definitely refer others to him! He is excellent to work with and has done a great job!”

– L. Kelly, Waukesha, WI

Remember, it’s Not the Price of Something that Really Matters… it’s the Cost!
Are Weaknesses in Your Company Costing You BIG?

EXPAND Managing

Is Your Company Missing ANY of These “Essentials for Success”?

Essentials for SuccessEssentials for SuccessEssentials for SuccessEssentials for Success

If YES, Don’t WAIT! – Click to Schedule Your FREE Initial Consultation Now!

Take the “6 Key Elements” Challenge!

How well does your company provide these to your customers/clients?

These elements are key to the success of your company!

(Rank 1-100 • Most Possible = 600)

EXPAND Marketing

We Believe…

The More We Focus Our Heart, Might,
Mind & Strength On a Target –
We EXPAND Ourselves…

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…the More We EXPAND Ourselves –
the More Likely We Are to Hit Our Target!

EXPAND Your Business • EXPAND Your Success!


Our Goals:

1. Equip all businesses everywhere with a custom, powerful, & functioning Marketing Plan! (The #1 Essential Tool for Successful Companies!)
2. Produce creative Advertising & Marketing collateral designed for your company’s growth & success!
3. Build strong, mutually rewarding, long-term working relationships!

We all benefit when a legitimate business is successful & we all need more success!