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EXPAND Business Solutions, Inc.


Websites (CMS • HTML • CSS)

IT_Tech_Web_Site_by_EXPANDKellys_Pro_HVAC_Web_Site_by_EXPANDCreate_Bliss_Art_School_Web_Site_by_EXPANDBaird Ortho Site Designed by EXPANDDale Barton Website Designed by EXPANDMVP Jersey Framing Website Designed by EXPANDASK Electric Website Designed by EXPANDWonder Academy Website Designed by EXPANDAlpine Customs Website Designed by EXPANDRocky_Mountain_Eyecare_Web_Site_by_EXPANDGrins_for_Everyone_Web_Site_by_EXPAND

Trade Show Exhibits & Banners

EXPAND Creates Animated GIFs


Logos Everywhere

IRONwerks_Logo_by_EXPANDTaxes_N_Go_Logo_by_EXPANDCreate_Bliss_Logo_by_EXPANDML_Marketing_Logo_by_EXPANDSummer_Snow_Logo_by_EXPANDSunRidge Solar Logo Designed by EXPANDOffice Worx Logo Designed by EXPANDGuitar Antics Logo Designed by EXPANDArizona Pressure Wash Logo Designed by EXPANDHUNTSMAN Chemical Logo Designed by EXPANDPrecision Training Logo Designed by EXPANDLife Works Logo Designed by EXPANDMaxRT Logo Designed by EXPANDSalon Beloved Logo Designed by EXPANDUtah Food Bank Logo Designed by EXPANDWonder Academy Logo Designed by EXPANDSalon Beloved Logo Designed by EXPANDAlpine Cunstruction Logo Designed by EXPAND

Printed Collateral of All Kinds

Brown Floral Self Mailer Designed by EXPANDSunRidge Solar Brochurer Kit Designed by EXPANDSunRidge Solar Appointment Card Designed by EXPANDCentury 21 Flyer Designed by EXPANDChasco Logo and Kit Designed by EXPANDUEA Report Designed by EXPANDAdvocacy Ad and Wall Hanging Designed by EXPANDGreen Side Booklet and Art Designed by EXPANDHawaii Towel Designed by EXPANDLiquaDry Tradeshow Exhibit Designed by EXPANDSoftware Product Collateral Designed by EXPANDWonder Academy Brochure Designed by EXPAND
Alpine Custom Business Cards Designed by EXPANDAlpine Custom Business Cards Designed by EXPAND

Product and Packaging Design

EXPAND Product and Packaging DesignThe Advocacy System Product Designed by EXPAND

Animated GIFs

EXPAND Creates Animated GIFs

“We Can Produce ANY Project YOU Need!”